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Netsave: Your Neighborhood Social Hub, not just an App.

Introducing Netsave Local, the peer-to-peer social marketplace that's innovating local selling, buying, and creating meaningful connections. Join your neighbors to discover hidden treasures and explore unique opportunities, right from your backyard.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire and elevate community members - neighbors and local entrepreneurs alike to take local actions necessary to support their own neighborhood.

Our Endeavor

We're striving to build one of the most innovative communities to empower members to build proactive relationships with stronger ties that grow beyond simple sales transactions.

Our Emphasis on Localization

We emphasize on localization, and we understand that sustainable changes may have to start from our own backyards. Our business model is built on the principle of "Think Global. Act Local." to lead local communities to impact the world, one neighborhood at a time.


Our Vision

Building a stronger, more sustainable, and safer global community where every neighborhood is empowered to thrive.

Our Mission

We equip community members with innovative technologies to help them build their dream businesses to fuel their local economies, and empower them to create meaningful connections to succeed and strengthen their own neighborhoods.


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Please let us know below. One of our team members will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.